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Our Faux Leathers are suitable for Residential, Hospitality, Medical, and Automotive applications.
Ostrich Orchard


Ostrich Orchard

SKU: so-344
• 54 inches wide
• Sold By the Continuous Yard
• PVC free product

 Our Price: $24.95
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**SPECIFICATIONS**Width:54 inches, Nominal total thickness: .036, Standard weight: 21 oz/ linear yard, Content: Face: 100% polyurethane Back: 100% Reinforced Pollex **FLAMMABILITY REQUIREMENTS** FMVSS-302, CA Bulletin 117-Class 1, UFAC- Class 1, NFPA 260-Class 1, BIFMA- Class A, IMO A.652(16) 8.2, Can be treated to meet FAR Specifications. **CARE & CLEANING** General Care: Stain resistant, but important to keep clean at all times to maintain the original look and the rich feel. Stain Removal: Spot cleaning with soap and water will remove most of the everyday stains without leaving any stain or color behind. Tough, stubborn stains can be removed by a mild cleaning fluid followed by clean water rinse. **REVOLUTION IN FAUX LEATHER LUXURY** Nature friendly, PVC free product. Contains no volatile compounds which are found in most vinyl-based products. Supple leather touch with exceptional strength and performance. Controlled 4-way stretch for excellent tailorability. **GERNERAL CHARACTERISTICS** Superior wear resistance (ASTM D3597 Wyzenbeek) Exceeds 100,000 double rubs by wire screen, Colorfastness to light (AATCC-16/400 hours), Colorfastness to crocking (AATCC-8/passes), Colorfastness to chlorine bleach (AATCC-3) passes 1:10&1:5 bleach dilution test, Yarn slippage (ASTM D4034/passes), Excellent breaking strength (ASTM D5034), Excellent tear strength (ASTM D2262), Cold crack resistant, Mildew resistant backing **SUITABLE APPLICATIONS** Contract interiors, Office, Restaurant, Hospitality, Healthcare, RV/Auto/Marine interiors, Residential.

Yardage Chart

Estimates are for 54" fabric with no visible repeats.
More fabric may be needed when matching patterns.
Yardages are approximate only and DIY Upholstery Supply / Charlebois Fabric cannot be held responsible for inaccurate information.
Contemporary Fabric suede fabric, velvet fabric Eyelash Fabric Embroidered Fabric
Diamonds and Chair Patterns

BEDDING Twin Full Queen King
Comforter 6 yds 7 yds 8 yds 12 yds
Duvet Cover 5 yds 6 yds 8 yds 10 yds
Bedspread 9 yds 10 yds 11 yds 15 yds
Upholstered Headboard 3 1/2 yds 5 1/2 yds 6 yds 6 1/2 yds

DUST RUFFLES Twin Full Queen King
14" drop
(gathered or box pleats)
6 yds 6 1/2 yds 7 yds 7 yds
14" drop
3 1/2 yds 4 yds 4 1/2 yds 4 1/2 yds
21" drop
(gathered or box pleats)
8 1/2 yds 9 yds 10 yds 11 yds
21" drop
5 1/2 yds 6 yds 6 1/4 yds 6 1/2 yds






4 yds

4 yds

5 yds


6 yds

6 yds

7 yds

PILLOWS 14-18" 19-24" 28-30"
Corded 1/2 yd 1 yd 1 3/4 yds
Ruffled 1 1/2 yds 2 yds 2 3/4 yds

Shower Curtain 6 yds
Shower Valance 3 yds

2 Cushion Sofa 16 yds
3 Cushion Sofa 18 yds
6 Cushion Sofa 22 yds
2 Cushion Love Seat 13 yds
4 Cushion Love Seat 17 yds
Wing Chair 11 yds
Slipper Chair 4 yds
Ottoman 3 1/2 yds

To figure yardage for basic drapery panels, you will need the cut length (finished length + allowance for your desired hem and rod pocket size - NOTE: our workroom adds 16") x the number of panels you are making.

If your selected fabric has a repeat, you will need 1 panel at the regular cut length and then you will need to add the number of inches in the repeat to each additional panel.

Examples using standard 84" finished length panels:
*Change the number of inches added for hems and rod pockets, as well as repeats, to suit your needs*

Fabric with NO repeat:
Panels - 84" + 16" = 100" each panel
x 2 panels = 200" (5.625 yards / 6 yards to be safe)
x 3 panels = 300" (8.33 yards / 9 yards to be safe)
x 4 panels = 400" (11.125 yards / 12 yards to be safe)

Fabric with a 27" repeat:
1st panel - 84" + 16" = 100"
2nd & additional panels - 84" + 16" + 27" = 127"
x 2 panels = 227" (6.30 yards / 7 yards to be safe)
x 3 panels = 354" (9.83 yards / 10 yards to be safe)
x 4 panels = 481" (13.36 yards / 14 yards to be safe)

NOTE: If you are making panels for additional windows, the number of inches in the repeat must be added to ALL remaining panels to continue matching them all to the very first panel.
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