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Upholstery Leather Black


Upholstery Leather Black

SKU: leather-black

Finish Type: Protected

Content: Argentine Cowhide

Country Finished: Argentina

Size: 45 sq ft (+/-)

Thickness: 0.9-1.1 mm

Sold by the full hides only

One free sample swatch only, size approx. 1 x 1

 Our Price: $199.99
Order free swatch


AATC Method 16, Option E Light Fastness: Class 4-5 72 Hours

ASTM D-2208 Breaking Force: 150 lbs

ASTM D-2211 Elongation: 30%-50% @ 50 lbs

ASTM D4705: 25 lbs

ASTM D-5053 Crock Fastness: Class 4-5 Dry Pass / Class 4 Wet

Flame Resistance: CA-117 / NFPA-260

Cutting Instructions for Genuine Leather

A hide of genuine leather is nature's product and caution must be exercised in cutting one. The above diagram shows various areas of a hide and they are cut as follows:

Section A should be used in cutting seat tops, inside backs, cushion bands and other sections that will receive the most strain and usage of flexing. Section A is the prime portion of a hide.

Section B should be used for outside arms, backs, hidden bands or any other parts of furniture that will receive little or no flexing

The flank sections must be used on outside backs and non wearing surfaces in order to avoid trouble. Flank fibers run generally in one direction as indicated by the arrow. In applying flank section to a chair, the first pull should be taken in the direction of the arrow. A stretch at right angles to the direction of the arrow may cause the finish to crack.

The Care of Leather

Genuine leather requires little care. Dust it regularly, and minor spots can be washed off. Use lukewarm water and mild soap, but nothing abrasive. Work up some suds and go over the surface with cheesecloth or a turkish towel. Rinse off any soap film with clean water and toweling. It may dry dull, but normal gloss can be restored by rubbing with clean toweling. These instructions apply to finished leather only, not to any suede. Never use furniture polish, oil, varnish or ammonia.

Color Variation

It is important to bear in mind that all of our leathers that we sample are hand finished. Many of the colors are mottled two-tone leathers and in a small sample it is not possible to portray the beauty of the color variation and shadings which occur in the hand padding and glazing.


Product Reviews

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Cleaning Instructions

Occasionally wipe with a dry cloth to prevent dust build up. Do not use harsh cleaners

Yardage Chart

Estimates are for 54" fabric with no visible repeats.
More fabric may be needed when matching patterns.
Yardages are approximate only and DIY Upholstery Supply / Charlebois Fabric cannot be held responsible for inaccurate information.
Contemporary Fabric suede fabric, velvet fabric Eyelash Fabric Embroidered Fabric
Diamonds and Chair Patterns

BEDDING Twin Full Queen King
Comforter 6 yds 7 yds 8 yds 12 yds
Duvet Cover 5 yds 6 yds 8 yds 10 yds
Bedspread 9 yds 10 yds 11 yds 15 yds
Upholstered Headboard 3 1/2 yds 5 1/2 yds 6 yds 6 1/2 yds

DUST RUFFLES Twin Full Queen King
14" drop
(gathered or box pleats)
6 yds 6 1/2 yds 7 yds 7 yds
14" drop
3 1/2 yds 4 yds 4 1/2 yds 4 1/2 yds
21" drop
(gathered or box pleats)
8 1/2 yds 9 yds 10 yds 11 yds
21" drop
5 1/2 yds 6 yds 6 1/4 yds 6 1/2 yds






4 yds

4 yds

5 yds


6 yds

6 yds

7 yds

PILLOWS 14-18" 19-24" 28-30"
Corded 1/2 yd 1 yd 1 3/4 yds
Ruffled 1 1/2 yds 2 yds 2 3/4 yds

Shower Curtain 6 yds
Shower Valance 3 yds

2 Cushion Sofa 16 yds
3 Cushion Sofa 18 yds
6 Cushion Sofa 22 yds
2 Cushion Love Seat 13 yds
4 Cushion Love Seat 17 yds
Wing Chair 11 yds
Slipper Chair 4 yds
Ottoman 3 1/2 yds

To figure yardage for basic drapery panels, you will need the cut length (finished length + allowance for your desired hem and rod pocket size - NOTE: our workroom adds 16") x the number of panels you are making.

If your selected fabric has a repeat, you will need 1 panel at the regular cut length and then you will need to add the number of inches in the repeat to each additional panel.

Examples using standard 84" finished length panels:
*Change the number of inches added for hems and rod pockets, as well as repeats, to suit your needs*

Fabric with NO repeat:
Panels - 84" + 16" = 100" each panel
x 2 panels = 200" (5.625 yards / 6 yards to be safe)
x 3 panels = 300" (8.33 yards / 9 yards to be safe)
x 4 panels = 400" (11.125 yards / 12 yards to be safe)

Fabric with a 27" repeat:
1st panel - 84" + 16" = 100"
2nd & additional panels - 84" + 16" + 27" = 127"
x 2 panels = 227" (6.30 yards / 7 yards to be safe)
x 3 panels = 354" (9.83 yards / 10 yards to be safe)
x 4 panels = 481" (13.36 yards / 14 yards to be safe)

NOTE: If you are making panels for additional windows, the number of inches in the repeat must be added to ALL remaining panels to continue matching them all to the very first panel.
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